by Edward
(Florida, USA)

Here are a few ideas to keep your motivation and self confidence levels high:


The first and foremost tip for building self confidence is – Keep a list of your achievements and accomplishments.

There is not a predetermined order to follow – you can start by dates, or by stages, or by order of importance – what matters is that when you read it every now and then, you are reminded and realize how far you’ve come in life and that even though there have been obstacles, you have overcome them. It will surprise you how powerful you really are.


A second confidence booster idea is – Visualize. Go back to when you first met your best friend, your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, or someone special you’ve helped to improve their lives, and visualize: What would have happened if you hadn’t helped them or interfered?

But if you can’t really find a story that you feel is good enough, don’t worry because it’s never too late to start helping someone. Remember that sometimes it is the little things we do for others that mean the most. Knowing that you have done a good deed will help you feel better about yourself.


But in order for the previous confidence tips to work there’s a little something you have to embrace – it’s called positivism. It isn’t going to help much if you keep in your list only negative things, nor it will help you when you visualize things that went wrong.

One can be their own worst enemy; if you love yourself, others will not be able to resist you. Having a good positive attitude towards problems can sometimes be hard – but remember that everything happens for a reason and that there’s always a lesson to learn – and at the end of the rain, there’s always a rainbow.