by Hannah
(Wisconsin, USA)

I do a lot of things to help me remember things and when I study.

Here are some of them:


First, I make sure that I’m studying somewhere where I can be alert. Some people prefer to work in a library, however, I’ve found that quiet places put me to sleep, especially when I’m studying large amounts of text at one time. Personally, I love studying at coffee shops or places where people move in and out — the noise helps to keep me awake while I’m memorizing information.

It’s really important to set a goal when you start studying, like memorizing a certain amount of information, or making it through a chapter. This helps you stay mentally alert as well, because you have something to work towards.


Second, I re-write a lot of the information that I’m trying to study. Writing the material down helps to reinforce the ideas in your head. This will help you to recall the information later, especially on a test. Make as many connections between the content as possible. The more ways you can relate the concepts, the more memory aids you have in place, and the easier you’ll be able to do on tests.


Third, after studying for a long time, I make sure to take a break and let my mind recover. This helps you mentally and physically. You’ll feel less fatigued and much more refreshed before your test, and will also give your brain a chance to take those connections to your long-term memory. It’s important to start studying several days before a large test, to help forge those connections instead of cramming.

Hope you find these memory improvement techniques helpful, particularly when studying for any tests.

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