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Top 10 Motivational Songs

by Stas (Ontario) Good list of inspiring songs, has a variety of genres. Here is mine: -Stronger by Kanye West (video below) -Eye of the Tiger by Survivor -Drive Slow by Kanye West -Bad Things by Jace Everett -Heart of a City by...

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“The Voice” And Skillet

by April (Grinnell) Celtic Woman – The Voice One of the most motivational songs that I’ve ever heard was Celtic Woman’s “The Voice”, sung by Lisa Kelly. It is not a well-known song, but it is dramatic in both tone and...

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Songs That Enlighten Me

by Mark (Louisville, KY United States) Tool – Schism I would have to say that the motivational song that moves me the most is titled “Schism” by the band Tool. The song, to me, is about communicating with...

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Music That Moves Me

by Justin (East Rockaway, NY, USA) Bands that inspire me, and their top motivational songs: RX Bandits This band’s music resonates deeply with me. The lead singer knows how to use his voice as an instrument, focusing on...

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Good Motivational Songs

Jumper – Third Eye Blind Beautiful Day – U2 Hey, Soul Sister – Train Editor’s note: Cool songs! I am posting Jumper’s video below. Thanks for sharing! Return to Top Motivational Songs. DREAM ON BY...

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Hearts On Fire

by Andres (USA) The same motivational song that inspired the training scene from Rocky4. Editor’s note: Thanks, Andres, for letting us know about this song. Great song and lyrics – excellent choice. I am posting the...

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My Top Three

by Brandon (Australia) #1 Hands Held High – Linkin Park (video below) Reminds us all about war, and how it affects people #2 Lose Yourself – Eminem “You can do anything you set your mind to..”, has to be...

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