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A lack of self-esteem and confidence can be a huge obstacle in life. It can keep you from dreaming big, reaching for your goals, and hinder relationships in your life. You can be more prone to feeling unhappy, dissatisfied, anxious, and unfulfilled. 

You may think that self-esteem and confidence are things that you’re just born with but you can actually develop these qualities!

Read on to learn more about how hypnosis for confidence can help you. 

The Difference Between Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

We often conflate the two ideas of self-esteem and self-confidence but there is a slight difference:

  • Self-esteem mainly refers to how we think and feel about ourselves and the extent to which we appreciate and like ourselves. Basically, the question is: how well do we perceive ourselves?
  • Self-confidence is more situational in that it refers to our trust in our abilities, skills, and judgments. Essentially, it’s an indication of how much you believe in yourself.

These two concepts are often linked as it’s common that a person with low self-esteem will also suffer from low confidence. And so working on building up one or the other (or better yet: both!) can have an immense impact on your life. 

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How Hypnosis for Confidence Can Help You

Low self-esteem and a lack of confidence are often rooted in subconscious beliefs that we hold in our minds. And so improving our self-esteem and confidence means busting through those false beliefs that have held us back. 

Here’s why hypnosis for confidence is an effective tool:

  • Hypnosis for confidence will address the source of your false beliefs in your subconscious by using positive suggestions to transform your mindset.
  • It can help you replace your negative inner voice with a more positive one that will encourage you to be your best self. 
  • With self-esteem hypnosis, you can get more control over your life by improving the quality of your thoughts. 
  • Instead of feeling paralyzed by doubts and fear, you’ll learn how to empower yourself from the inside out. 

Hypnosis for confidence can also help you in any particular area that you feel a particular lack of confidence in, be it relationships, in the office, or in specific skills like public speaking. This targeted approach can be a great way to build more overall confidence in yourself as you develop the skills to cope in different situations. 

The great thing about hypnosis is that it’s a process that can work for everyone, as long as you are receptive to the experience. It’s an awesome way to change your inner world into one that will support you in becoming the best version of yourself!

Hypnosis for Confidence Recommendations

Hopefully, by now, you can see how hypnosis for confidence can help you break your negative patterns of thoughts and feelings that have been keeping your self-esteem and self-confidence down. 

If you want to give hypnosis a try, we recommend checking out HypnosisDownloads which offers self-hypnosis audios designed by professional hypnotherapists with a proven track record. 

Not only are they affordable and loved by thousands of users, they’re super easy to use as you can access your audios on any device. Or simply use their app! 

Here are our recommendations for the best hypnosis for confidence:

  • Believe In Yourself – One of the most popular hypnosis for confidence, this session can help you regain belief in yourself so that you can achieve new heights. Your expectations of yourself will increase, you’ll see yourself in a new light, and you’ll be able to feel new power within you! 
  • Imposter Syndrome – Feeling like a fraud is common feeling that sucks away our confidence. In this hypnosis, you’ll tackle imposter syndrome by learning how to deal with self-doubt and how to accept all facets of yourself. 
  • Quick Confidence Booster – For a quick confidence boost, this hypnosis is the one for you! After this session, you’ll feel less stressed, more positive about life, and believe in your capabilities and yourself more. 
  • Confidence Injection – Here’s another hypnosis for a boost of confidence. Thanks to the deeply relaxing and focused hypnosis, you’ll feel more equipped to tackle life situations with confidence!
  • Confidence with Men – It can be challenging to feel confident when interacting with a man whom you find attractive. This gentle hypnosis session can help you feel more relaxed and comfortable with the opposite sex.
  • Confidence with Women –  Want to feel more like yourself around attractive women? This hypnosis can reprogram your mind so that you can be more relaxed and enjoying flirting and dating without huge pressure. 
  • Confident Dating Pack – This set of 5 hypnosis for dating confidence has all you need from how to build rapport, how to flirt with confidence, and more!
  • Body Confidence – So many of us are uncomfortable in our bodies. This hypnosis can help foster a deep respect and love for your body and yourself while also encouraging positive self-talk. 
  • Business Networking Confidence – If the thought of networking puts anxiety in your mind, then this hypnosis could be a solution for you. This session will change your beliefs and perceptions about networking so that you can enjoy it instead of dreading it.
  • Creative Confidence – Confidence can be a tough thing for creatives. How can you develop a more confident mindset when it comes to your creative ideas and work? This hypnosis can help!
self esteem hypnosis recommendations

Self-Esteem Hypnosis Recommendations

  • 10 Steps to Solid Self Esteem – This comprehensive package of self-esteem hypnosis sessions has everything you need to help reprogram your mind so that you can find belief in yourself. On top of 10 sessions that help build your self-esteem brick by brick, you’ll also get access to a 155-page workbook and progress checkers that will keep you on track. This is an awesome resource!
  • Boost Low Self Esteem Hypnosis Pack – This pack of 5 self-esteem hypnosis sessions includes stopping self-blame, learning how to accept yourself, and more. You’ll be able to feel better about yourself in no time.  
  • Building Self Esteem – Communicate with your unconscious mind and break negative thought patterns that are keeping your self-esteem low with this session! You’ll be reminded of your great qualities, tap into your inner strength, and feel better about yourself. 
  • You’re Worth It – Break out of the vicious cycle of low self-esteem now! This self-esteem hypnosis will remind you of your value and worth and give you the power to make changes in your life so that you can succeed. 
  • Self Esteem in Relationships – Is your low self-esteem affecting your relationships? This hypnosis session will help you value yourself, that you are worthy of love. 

Tips for Doing a Hypnosis for Confidence

Downloaded your hypnosis audion and not sure how to begin? Check out these tips to get the most of your hypnosis for confidence. 

  • Commit to doing your hypnosis session more than once. Most people will feel some benefits after their first session but you’ll definitely get more out of it if you listen to your hypnosis audio frequently and regularly. Bit by bit, you’ll slowly develop your confidence with it! Persistence is key. 
  • Clear out your schedule and commit to a time to listen to your hypnosis. 
  • Ensure that you’re in a comfortable place. You can choose to sit or lie down, whichever you prefer. You may also want to use headphones so that you can immerse yourself in the hypnosis. 
  • Take deep breaths and relax!
  • It’s normal if you first feel distracted and find it hard to focus. Give your hypnosis audio more than one try.
  • It’s also normal to fall asleep during the session. The good news? Your subconscious mind is still listening so it wasn’t a ‘waste’!

Self-hypnosis is a safe process and you won’t get stuck in a hypnotic trance nor will it force you to anything you don’t want to do. Keep an open mind and let yourself be receptive to the benefits of hypnosis for confidence. 

Good luck!

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