Wondering how to relieve stress?

Below are 7 ways to deal with stress, when it comes knocking your door.

Because, in spite of our best efforts to prevent stress, we invariably run into it sometimes, resulting in stress headaches and more.



Breathing is one of the easiest things you can do that produces immediate stress relief. Controlled breathing relaxes the tightened muscles, quietens the mind chatter, and this has a direct effect on reducing stress or controlling anger felt by body, and mind.

Here is a quick technique:

Sit upright, take a deep breathe in, hold for a few seconds, release it normally and effortlessly, all the while focusing only on your breathing.

Start by repeating these steps for 60 seconds, and increase it to 5, 10, 15 minutes, or however long you can manage it. The longer the duration, the better your stress relief.

If this technique makes you feel better, you may want to try meditation and/or Yoga for stress relief. There are a few really good DVDs that can guide the uninitiated to get started at home, like:

Yoga for Stress Relief, and Yoga For Every Body (With Over 35 Routines)


Laughter is another of the easy ways to relieve stress, but not quite as intuitive as breathing. Simply because it is not the easiest thing to laugh when you are stressed out!

But you can use tools that make you laugh – like a sitcom or movie you like, or a book of jokes that you know will make you laugh. Or just visit friends or hang out with some one, whose company can help put some laughter back into you.

There is clear research that indicates laughter reduces stress hormones released into your body, and increases blood (and oxygen) flow through out your body.

Seen any of those people who laugh away as a group in the park? Well, they are no joke! They belong to a laughter therapy group of some sort. You don’t need to join a group unless you want to, but you can certainly find other means that you know will make you laugh.


There is an eastern saying that joys double and sorrows halve when you share them with some one. Well, there is certainly more than an element of truth in it.

Find some one you trust to discuss your stressful situation and pour your heart out. While you may or may not find a solution to your issue, this exercise will certainly help reduce your stress hormone levels.

If you can’t find someone you trust, jot your feelings down in a piece of paper or your computer, and even that will help. You can also share your stress triggers.


While there are several ways to deal with stress, you will probably find this an interesting one to try.

A physical massage is a sure-fire way to relax your stressed out muscles, improve your immune system, and raise your blood flow. And anything you do to get that calming effect on your body, will relax your mind as well.


Listening to music is one of the excellent ways to deal with stress, that you can put to use right away. It is said to alter brain waves in a way that has a calming effect on your mind, as well as your body. This slows down the release of stress hormones into your system.

It can be any music that you like, and one that has a repetitive pattern helps. Sometimes an uninterrupted session of 15-20 minutes may be all you need, to get yourself back on track.

The soothing audios from A Time for Relaxation: Guided Relaxation Techniques for Wellness, a relaxation training audio by Beth Freschi, can help calm you down.


Many people vouch for spending time with nature as one of the best ways to deal with stress.

Think about this. We are all part and byproduct of nature, so isn’t it but natural that spending time with nature should have a positive and restorative effect on us, akin to what a child feels when held by its mother!

We don’t necessarily need to hike in woods to get the benefits, a simple walk in the park should do wonders for our stressed nerves, most of time.


Nothing can overstate the effect physical exercise has on your body, your mind, and your stress levels.

It is particularly good if you had a physically inactive, but mentally and emotionally exhaustive and stressful day; a good physical work out at the end of such a day not only clears your head, but also lowers stress levels.

Exercise relieves stress, and brisk walking is one of the easiest of ways to deal with stress. Walk at least 30 minutes a day, at a brisk pace, for 4 or 5 days a week depending on your schedule.

Other good stress relief exercises include Tai Chi, PMR, Yoga and Aerobics. If you haven’t exercised in a while, consult a doctor before starting any rough regimen.

The above ways to deal with stress, along with the other preventive stress management tips, should help us keep a cool head in times of stress, by addressing many of the issues we run into on a daily basis.

Additionally, listen to soothing self hypnosis audios to relieve the stress your body and mind undergo during the course of your day.